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Will Germany Be Internationally Competitive Anymore?

“Re-invent yourself” – A request especially well-established German companies receive more and more frequently. A request that is more difficult to put into practice than it sounds. In the end we will be successful, if we are able to provide good “user experience” and “convenience”. Only a forward-looking and practical regulation of technology, businesses and working environment enable German companies to remain internationally competitive. Otherwise we have to face the question: “Is it really important, that German companies are listed in the Top 50 international Internet companies?” Continue reading

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The Others Need You

As a privacy expert you become paranoid. I learn almost every day what is technically feasible and what people, companies and authorities already do with data. In my daily routines and especially my discussions with experts I almost forgot the others. The others who are different to me, different to you and tech or privacy experts. The others who are the majority and need a counsellor. Us. Continue reading

Sense and nonsense of privacy
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Sense and nonsense of privacy

On 6th May 2015 I held a presentation at re:publica in Berlin.  It was part of law lab which was successfully organised by Henning Krieg and Thorsten Feldmann.  I called my presentation “Sense and nonsense of privacy” and advocated a user focused view on privacy assessing features and services.  All German speaking followers can view the slides here: presentation republica … Continue reading

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Germany’s contradictory attitude weakens our privacy

“Pictures are power.  The one, who got pictures knows the situation, is able to react.  With that we don’t depend on the pictures of others, but have our own pictures.  That is key to take the right decision.”* NSA director Michael Rogers as well as Mark Zuckerberg could have said that, I imagine. But, they didn’t. … Continue reading

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2 controversial theses about privacy – IT/IP Open Mic in Berlin

On 19 March 2015 I held the keynote at the first IT/IP Open Mic in Berlin. Here are my theses about “Internet of things – Internet is everywhere, privacy is nowhere”:
1. Anonymity on the Internet is a privilege of the educated and wealthy part of the society
2. If data is the oil of the future, data protection is energy saving. Continue reading

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We need a reform of surveillance, and even more

“The world’s citizens, companies and governments should continue to press the United States to reform its spying practices.  Keeping data out of the United States is no answer.  There is no easy substitute for reforming government surveillance.”  Tim Edgar stated yesterday on TechCrunch and I totally agree with him. But it is not only a reform of the government … Continue reading

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How legal Blockchains will be successful

Coindesk recently published an article about the Web Summit in Dublin.  Tom Gonser, founder of (DocuSign) expressed himself in favor of Blockchain as a potential technology for identity management. More and more experts like him believe in the use of Blockchain being a promising technology to solve legal issues.  And I totally agree. In the … Continue reading